Reliability, Expertise, Constant Improvement

Since TEMMA closely follows technological developments and makes continuous investments, it has a production unit fully equipped with pioneering CNC machining centers as well as reliable conventional machining centers, lathes, cutting/turning, surfacing and electro-discharging machines.

The range of materials that TEMMA works with, apart from Aluminium alloys that are its main expertise, also includes Stainless Steel, Titanium, Inconel, Steel, Cast iron, Bronze, Brass and Copper as well as plastic and composite materials.


    At TEMMA the manufacturing process starts from planning the realization of the product, then creating computer programs intended for CNC machines, manufacturing of the sub-parts and assembling them to the final product , always in strict conformity with international specifications and standards.



    All surface treatments, when required, are carried out by certified partners both in Greece and abroad .


    In order to meet its clients' strict standards for the manufacture of high precision metal parts, TEMMA has invested in Cutting Edge Technology.

The production process design is realized

by experienced engineers using CAD/CAM systems with 3D processing and 5-axes programming capabilities. The programs' digital guidance is carried out with the Edgecam and NX(Unigraphics) software with CATIA translator. The INTRANET – DNC wireless network takes care of their transfer and filing at the corresponding machine tools.

ΤΕΜΜΑ can take up single-piece projects ( prototypes) as well as small and large batches. This flexibility is due to the architecture of its machines (pallets, towers, etc.) and the possibility of two extra daily shifts.

Indicatively speaking, TEMMA machines can process the following sizes:

CNC Lathes: Φ500mm & L2.250mm

CNC Centres: 4.200mm x 1.400mm x 610mm

Conventional Lathes: Φ1.250mm x 4.000mm

Conventional Centres: 2.000mm x 1.500mm x 1.500mm