2021 marks an important anniversary for TEMMA, as we celebrate 60 years of constant presence in Greece. On the occasion of this important “birthday”, we look back at a business journey that began in Egypt 90 years ago and continued, since 1961, in Greece, creating a modern, dynamic and successful company that has long been a steady pillar of the Greek industry. In the core of our existence, serving as a compass for our journey, remain our people: our employees, loyal and worthy companions, as well as our valued partners and customers. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for being a source of strength and inspiration for us at every step.
And we promise that we are here to build the future of TEMMA together. Based on the young and capable people that form our team, on serial investing in know-how and technological equipment, as well as on heeding the demands of our customers, we will continue to support the Greek industry with the same quality, reliability and passion.

  • Civil Industry
  • Defense and Aerospace Industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy Production

    Apart from its pioneering mechanical equipment, TEMMA is also proud of its know-how and expertise. Our people’s high qualifications, specialization and international experience make them the driving force of our development.



    Quality is integrated in the philosophy of TEMMA as a primary objective of the company, as they continually have to satisfy their clients ever increasing requirements.

    The company’s Quality Management System was certified by TŮV NORD in 1998 and currently operates in conformity with the Standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


    In order to meet the strict specifications of its clients with regard to the manufacture of high precision components, TEMMA has invested in Cutting Edge Technology and as a result, it operates state-of-the-art and pioneering mechanical equipment.


Quality Control

The company runs a fully organized quality control department, equipped with measuring instruments that meet high standards and strict requirements. All instruments and quality control devices are accompanied by a great selection of calibrated instruments and measuring tools. Our collaboration with top clients, both in Greece and abroad, provides the company with further knowledge and experience so that we can fully and reliably satisfy the demands of even the most demanding projects.


A large number of Greek and international clients have given credit to ΤΕΜΜΑ through concrete, long-term partnerships.